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Article on Design Informer

November 18, 2009


I just wanted to post a quick thank you to the guys over at Design Informer for their immensly flattering review of my work in their recent article…so…thanks guys!!  I figured the least I could do was post a link back :)

After taking a quick peek around the site, they have a lot of cool resources on their too, links to free creative resources, tutorials etc.  Worth a look!!


Free iPhone Wallpapers for Super Turbo Action Pig!

November 16, 2009

Hello everyone.

I thought it would be nice to throw a couple of little freebies out in the shape of some spiffing new iPhone wallpapers!  There is one of our Porky hero and one of his arch enemy Butcher Bill.  These simply need to be downloaded and set as your wallpaper.  I hope you like them :)




Trenches Unveiled

November 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I posted an entry recently about a collaboration I was part of with the guys over at, and this weekend they officially announced the game!

Its called Trenches and as you would expect is based during WW1 and features trench warfare…and that’s all I’m saying ;)  There is a lot of chatter around the web about the genre of this game, and the guys at TGW are keeping shtum for now, so I’ll keep up the secrecy and say no more here.

This project has been one of my all time faves, its been BRILLIANT from start to finish, and hopefully you’ll all see the amount of time and love that’s gone into it.  Take a peek at the two peices of preview art below and rest assured, this isnt just flashy promo art, the in game art is of the same ilk…only smaller :)

You can follow Thunder Game Works updates on Twitter here as much more will be revealed over the coming weeks leading up to launch.



Butcher Bill comes to life!

November 6, 2009

Hey everyone,

I finally managed to get Super Turbo Action Pigs arch nemesis, Butcher Bill, fully rendered last night, so take a look and see what you think.

He looks pretty mean huh!


There is going to be a brief story at the beginning (very brief as not to get in the way of play) featuring this sausage loving bad guy, so you can expect to see him in a verbal joust with our porky hero.

More updates soon.

Butcher Bill – Piggies Arch Enemy

November 3, 2009

I was going to wait (as I usually do) until this guy was finished, but as so many people email in and ask to see my sketch work, I decided that this maybe the perfect time to show some.  So say hello to Butcher Bill and his massive meat cleaver!  This guy isn’t actually that nasty in the eye’s of us humans, but to Super Turbo Action Pig, he is the devil himself!  Butcher Bill has a fetish for sausage making, and with our Pink hero having such a fine physique, Bill will stop at nothing to turn him into his finest Cumberland sausages!


I’ll be posting the final artwork for Bill later this week/early next week.





3D Environments for E-learning

I've been involved in a number of 3D environment based e-learning titles over the past couple of years and these are some of the environments created. These are always great fun and require something a little different every time.

Gaming Dead

Gaming Dead is geared toward the darker side of the games industry, the horror genre! The site needed a new, grim character based brand and a creepy menacing site design too.


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