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Interview on The Design Inspiration

February 16, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I just thought you may like to know that I was recently interviewed by the guys over at The Design Inspiration and its now online.  The Design Inspiration is a great resource, and is one that I use for Illustration inspiration all the time as they’ve always got some great articles and artist showcases on, so it was rather nice to have been invited along!

The interview covers a whole host of things, which hopefully some of you may find of interest.

Take a peek…



Emails, Super Turbo Action Pig and Im now a dad!

February 10, 2010

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to say that I’ll be back to full speed really soon.

On top of the huge influx of enquiries that have been flooding in (thanks everyone!!), I became a dad a couple of weeks ago, so life has just got a whole load busier and brilliant ;)  He arrived a little earlier than expected, so its played havoc (albeit rather amazing and wonderful havoc) with my calender, and I’ll be getting back to everyone as soon as possible.  So if your waiting for a reply, I do apologise for the delay and I will be back to you very soon.

Added to all this, Super Turbo Action Pig went into Beta testing recently (thanks for the testing everyone) and is now having a some cool extras thrown in based on some very awesome feedback.  Soooooo, the game is going to be ready really soon (I know I’ve been saying this since November ;) and the site is launch ready!

2010 is proving to be a rather marvelous and exciting year!

Catch you all soon.




GEEK OUT! This was, is and always will be one of the most amazing parts of my career...getting to work with my heroes over at Cave in Tokyo!!

Toribash Wii

It was great news to hear that one of my first ever customers, Nabi Studios, were taking their game, Toribash to the Wii, so I couldn't wait to create the new site!


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