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May 28, 2010

Hey Everyone!

Wow, things have been ultra quiet on the site recently, sorry about that!  I’ve been buried under some sersiously intense deadlines for some seriously fun projects.  Here’s a few specific updates to let you know what’s been going on…

I’ve been working on a whole host of sites recently, all of which are awaiting release and most of which (bizarrely) are MMO related!  I’ve gone from doing almost no MMO related games and sites to working on 5! Crazy and immense fun at the same time!



I’m back to work on the Wii game that I started over a year ago (which was paused for about 6-8months) so there will be loads more info on that beauty as it becomes public.  I’m bloody loving this project!

Steam & X360:
For the past few weeks I’ve been working (hard…very, very hard) on the menu’s, HUD and general UI for a kick ass new game that’s due out on Steam and X360.  This is one of, if not the most amazing project I’ve had the honour of working on, its been a blast!  Again, more info soon.

iPhone & iPad:
Man, this industry is booming right now and the amount of iPhone related enquiries I’m seeing is mind boggling.  At the moment I’m working on (working on also includes completed and as yet un-released) 4 new iPhone games and 1 iPad game with a mixture of companies, all of which have been great to work on!  Unfortunetly, none of them are under the Joystick Generals as JG is on pause for the next few months until both Chris and I can settle our current crazy schedules.

Yep, I’m dabbling in some web games at the moment, actually, more specifically Facebook games on the whole, creating the UI for 3 MMO’s.  This is fairly new territory for me and has been amazing to work on.  I cannot wait to get them into the portfolio.


Email Delays:
I know I post this message about every 2 months, but its back again.  Due to my workload there has been A HUUUUGE backlog on my email replies and I am doing all that I can to get back to everyone, so if your waiting, thanks for being patient, I havent forgotten about you and I WILL be back in touch as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone, watch this space, there is lots to be released :)


A Great Loss to the World of Fantasy Art

May 12, 2010

This week saw the sad news of the death of  legendary Fantasy Artist, Frank Frazetta.


I can honestly say that I have never been moved enough by the death of any artist to actaully want to write about, but Frazetta has been one of my biggest inspirations of all time and has formed part of my creative passion since I was quite young.   My heart goes out to his family and I know without doubt that his memory will be alive forever, as no other artist has ever brought so much to the world of fantasy.

I was lucky enough to buy some prints of Frazetta’s work quite a few years ago, which he personally quality checked before sending out.  Even though this is a slightly tenuous link, I feel lucky to have had even this small a level of contact with the original master of Fantasy Art!

Thanks for all that you have done Frank Frazetta, your truly are a legend!


iPad sketching with a Pogo Sketch

May 6, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Well this bloomin Pogo Sketch Stylus took absolute age to arrive, but its finally here!  Worth the wait?  Absolutetly!  While its still nowhere near as accurate as a good old fashioned, well sharpened B pencil, it is a lot more precise than my chunky index finger!  It feels more akin to drawing with an unsharpened 8b I think.

Anyway, decided to have a play last night in front of the telly and this is what arose.  It feels a lot cleaner than the finger paintings (but it is still very, very rough) and has in some ways allowed for some more fluid movements as I’m not constantly trying to see under my finger tip.


My only concern with this Pogo Sketch is that while it works, I fear that the sponge nib has a limited lifespan, as while I was using it on this illustration, a couple of bits of it fell off, so I’m guessing that it will last about a few months with daily use.

I’ll post up some more sketches over the coming weeks.

Hope you like it :)




Digital Exploration – Pt2

To celebrate the launch of Fully Illustrated V3.0 I wanted to create 3 individual pieces of digital art, focusing on the different stages of artistic creation. Yeah that's all a bit faffy isn't, I just wanted to make something pretty, here's image 2.

Fates Forever

This was the full follow up site to the short and snappy teaser site we created initially. Great fun!


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