Hey Everyone,

Its been a while since my last post.  I’ve been insanly busy over the recent months, but just wanted to say hi and post up two lovely photos I just took in some nearby woodland.  I’ve mentioned a few times how nature is one of my biggest sources of insipiration, and when springtime comes along, and everything comes into bloom, it brings me sooooo many visual ideas.  One of the best parts of spring is the arrival of bluebells, carpeting the woodland floor with a rich purple haze.  Its stunning, and this year, I thought I’d try to capture some of that in a couple of photos.  Take a peek below…

So yes, there you go, a couple of nice nature shots.  Quite a dramatic step away from my usual all action video game work ;)

If you’re wondering how I take direct inspiration from things like this, its all about light, colours, tones and palettes.  Just look at how well those purples work with the greens.  I’ll eye drop all the colours in these photos and save the pallete for a future project.