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iPad Moods Coming to the AppStore!

May 19, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Well, its time to announce the free app that’s in production for the iPad!

After the 100’s of thousands of downloads of the iPad Moods I created many months ago, I decided that it made perfect sense to turn those little critters into something a little more fun, something a little more app like and something dedicated to the iPad!

I’m sure you’ve got many an idea as to what the app is, or what the app maybe, but I’ll leave you to think about that just a little longer.  The design of the app is now nigh on complete, and is entering development.  So watch this space for some exciting new updates!

Oh, and did I mention that its going to be free? Smiiiiiiile :)

More info REAL soon!


Busy Busy Busy

May 18, 2011

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a fair while since my last proper post (bar the flowery photos a couple of weeks ago) as I’ve been consumed with project work (more so than normal).

There has been SO much going on behind the scenes as I’ve got my head deeply implanted in a few new games! Exciting stuff!

The main projects that have been consuming my time are a kick ass facebook game for the guys over at Aranim, a suuuper exciting game for the guys at Thunder Game Works and some more epic MMO action for the Haypi team.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the VAST majority of this time illustrating too.  To give you a rough idea, I’ve probably put together something like 50 new characters over the past few months, people, soldiers, zombies, animals, monsters, dragons, you name it, it’s been bloody marvellous!  I also got to try my hand at matte painting on two separate projects too, something I’ve always fancied a pop at.  It was a steep learning curve but I was exceptionally happy with the final results…I just need the respective projects to launch so I can release them :)

Add into this lots of other smaller projects and you can expect some rather epic updates to FI over the coming months.  I genuinely cannot wait to get all these things out into the public eye!

The other very exciting sideline project I’m cooking up is Fully Illustrated’s first dedicated iPad app!  But watch this space for a dedicated blog post about that soon, it’s shaping up rather nicely!  And note the word app, not game ;)

Catch you all soon.






Ok, ok, boring I know, another Harrier Jump Jet...but they are sooo cool! This one is propped up like a toy in Manchester's wonderful Imperial War Museum, so I just had to shoot it.


Super Turbo Action Pig

This was the realisation of a life long dream, to make my own commercial video game! I loved every last second!


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