Hey Everyone,

So, not ‘directly’ work related, but I just had to share my excitement.  As most of you know, arcade machines (and retro games) are a big passion of mine (see my previous post if you missed it…http://bit.ly/mBAUc1 and http://bit.ly/kEy31u) and my collection is about to grow once more!

Take a look at this beauty!

My previous arcades have all been new builds, built from scratch, but this time I wanted to bring a peice of history into the collection…an original Mortal Kombat 2 cabinet! I’ve saved this little beauty from the scrap yard and its on its way into my loving arms :)  Its due to arrive next week and I’ve got my arcade technician on standby ready to come in and give it some TLC.  The cabinet is extremely good condition, but as with all clouds, they have their silver lining…it doesn’t work, but I’m hoping my techy can fix it…fingers crossed.

I cant wait to start restoring this back to its former glory.  Rock on!

More shots coming once she arrives.