Ok, so update number 2 is here, a little later than expected, with less info than expected, but its here :)

For now, I’m running the dev blog through this blog until a few things are sorted out. Why? Well, the name of the game, and thus the blog is still in a state of flux (the basis of the name is sorted, but I’m toying with how the words are arranged) so I cant launch the blog under the wrong name or I’m setting myself up for a fall from day 1 ;)

So, what’s been happening?

  • Wireframing:  This is currently the focus as I’m nailing down the flow, structure and features of the game. This is lengthy and detailed stuff and most likely wont be complete for another month or so.  But you dont care, as you don’t want to see that stuff ;)
  • Location hunting and research:  Now this part IS exciting, very exciting in fact! As I nail down the specifics of the story and try and to pin it to actual British historical events/timelines, I’m travelling around parts of the UK to experience/photograph places that I want to influence and/or feature in the game.  This stuff is really enriching my soul as being a native here (as far back as 3/4 of my genealogy goes anyway, the other 1/4 is Spanish) and researching my ancient origins on this island is proving wonderful!  I’m lucky enough to live on the fringe of the countryside in a rural area, so I have great photographic reference material all around me.  Below is a handful of some of the scenes I’ve photographed so far:

And a few black and whites for the real drama…

I’ll soon be following this post with the results of my first ‘official’ shoot (these above are more random snaps while out and about) at one of the UK’s lesser known stone circles, Castlerigg.  The results from this shoot are possibly the most inspiring shots I’ve ever taken. I cant wait to show them! More coming soon.