Hey Everyone,

Ok, I’ve been very quiet since the trailer and I apologise for not giving out any updates, but worry not, the wheels are still turning wonderfully…but things are changing!

There has been a lot of interest in Wulverblade from potential players and Fully Illustrated followers to publishers and press folks, which has led to a number of exciting meetings/conversations, and now, some re-thinking.  What has come to light is that Wulverblade needs to change gears somewhat and due to the potential of it moving onto other exciting platforms, the technology that powers it needs to be re-thought.

What does all that babble mean?

Well, it means that Wulverblade is now going to be developed in a different technology and with a specialist team devoted to that tech. Me and Cascadia are still making a game together (more exciting news on this soon) especially for the Game Dock, and Wulverblade will still be coming to Game Dock (that’s a given) but Wulverblade is now also travelling to other formats that need its foundations to be very different.

This has a monumental financial impact, one that is going to be tough to handle personally, but the final result is going to be worth it…I can feel it! I need to do some work on the funding side of things but there will be more on that in the near future.

I know all this doesn’t tell you a great deal, but rest assured that all of the above is in the best interests of the game. This is going to be epic!  I’ll keep you posted as things unfold but please be aware that the release date is looking like nearer the end of the year…all good things come to those who wait :)