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Making Your Dream Game – The Emotions

July 24, 2013



So as most of you know Wulverblade has been something that has lived in my dreams for more years than I can recall.  It’s that one personal project that has always goaded me from afar and taunted me with promises of fulfilled dreams, and you know what, it hasn’t disappointed one drop…but it has certainly surprised me.

There are more elements that have caught me unawares than I can list and I am sure there will be more, but the one that has caught off guard the most, is the emotions.  Never in my career have I felt such a roller-coaster of emotions as I have while working on Wulverblade. The days where I break a creative boundary and give myself a smile so big my face could crack are amazing and they are equalled by those moments when everything is just feeling ‘right’.  And then there are the extreme opposites, the moments when you doubt yourself more than ever before, doubt your ability and doubt if anyone is ever going to ‘get’ your vision.  Don’t get me wrong, Wulverblade isn’t a thought provoking art house production, Wulverblade is, at the end of the day, a side scrolling beat-em up! Yet the degree of depth that I’ve gone into with the character development, historical accuracy, lore, location trips, soundscapes, and the crafting of everything that defines the world in which the game resides in, scares me. There is going to be so much more to this game than most people will ever realise.

Why does it scare me? I guess when I put this baby out there, I’m putting everything that makes me, me, out there, not just a game. It feels like I’m dropping all my thoughts and dreams into a punch bag and handing over to world full of boxers.  And let’s be honest, gamers can be some of the harshest critics in the world, and you know what, I’m honestly scared witless at the reception it’s going to get. Don’t get me wrong though, the response I’ve had to the very teasing teaser has been amazing…




…but at the end of the day, that’s just an ultra brief glimpse.

I believe that I am crafting a truly magnificent game with Wulverblade, one that I would pick up and be amazed by. But what does that count for? Personally, that counts for everything, but realistically, on a global game release level, that counts for almost nothing.

As insane as this sounds, I don’t care about the money either, I really don’t. I’ve invested everything I have into this, but deep down in my soul, in my heart of hearts, the only real result that I want from this, is for it to be loved, not by the masses, but by people who share a similar mind-set.  I want people to see it, feel it and love it. I want people to really play it, to replay it and then tell their friends about this amazing experience they’ve had and most of all, for it to stay with them like my favourite games have done.  I’m never going to forget playing the Greenhill Zone for the first time in Sonic, or forget kicking the seven shades of sh!t out of street punks with Axel in Streets of Rage, or nailing my first dragon punch with Ryu in the arcades.  It’s exactly THAT, that I want to give people, I want that intense emotional connection that I’ve had, and still have to do this day.  Am I clutching at straws in my yearn for this? Or is this the exact mind-set any games developer should have?

I know I’ve been incredibly secretive about Wulverblade, shown very little, and written even less than I’ve shown, but that’s because I’m trying to keep it safe I guess. I don’t want too many preconceptions, or presumptions or imitations too I guess.  The story is, to my knowledge, one that that has never been approached in gaming history before, so I’ve become rather protective.

With all that said, and if anyone is still on the page reading this part, or for that matter still awake, I will say this. There is news coming, there is artwork coming, there will even be footage coming soon too, but please bear with me as letting my baby out into the wild is damn scary!

Ah, I’m rambling on aren’t I? Hopefully you’ll see the love I’ve got for all this with this post and I’ll sign off here with one last note, and that’s to watch this space, as I’ve gone from zero updates since December 2012, to what will be a MASSIVE update in September.



Updates and a Little Lego Side Project

July 19, 2013

Hey guys,

Since the recent birth of my son, my blog and site updates have been minimal, in fact they’ve been none existent.  So, today I’ve added a mammoth 16 projects to the site, including UI, icon, web, branding and 3D design! To add to this, I thought I’d add in a fun blog post about my latest little side project…which is project related would you believe!

Say hello to my Lego Roman Century!







This 80 soldier strong unit has a badass horse mounted Centurion, a small outpost and a wonderful countryside setting! Couple that with some cinematic photography and you have the setting for a new stop motion film…only kidding, I’m not doing that.

This little scene is a test set up for a game tie in I’m working on, so watch this space for some future game scenes mocked up in the Lego world!

Oh and I’d just like to add that this isn’t linked to Lego officially in anyway whatsoever, its just for fun. But Lego, if you’re watching, please make it so :)





Harrier…Yes, Another

I saw this wonderful harrier parked up outside R.A.F. Wittering down south and just had to shoot it.


English Electric (BAC) Lightning

My love and fascination of all things that fly carries on with this photographic experiment. I was taking a walk around the Manchester Air Museum with the sole goal of finding some interesting shots of some of favourite old school fighters. Say hello to Mr.Lightning!


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