2005 - 2008

Role:  Head Creative

My time at Lightmaker was great.

I started out there in 2005 heading up the creative team and I was tasked with building a world class design team and taking them to an award winning level. This was a monster challenge indeed and at the time, quite daunting too. Lightmaker was already an incredibly established name at this time, so to build another creative team to the same level as the other studios in the group was going to be tough work indeed. I was already preparing myself for a position that was going to dominate every minute of my life.

The company doesn't have a 'Creative Director' in their structure, but has Head Creative instead which is their closest role. The main part of the role was to, well, creatively direct, represent the business from a creative perspective and be closely involved in the day to day running of the business/projects. I look back with real pride to be able to say that I was there from the beginning.

As the years went by the design team grew and grew in both size, ability and passion and by the time I left in May 2008 was quite simply the most effective, multi skilled and passionate design team I'd ever had the pleasure of working with. We won a number of awards over the years, Dope, CWA, Big Chips and took huge pride in every one.

Our goal on every project was to create something beautiful, effective and hopefully award winning.

3T Productions

2001 - 2005

Senior Designer – 2005
Designer – 2002
Graduate Designer - 2001

My first love.  3T was simply a stunning place to be.

The work was as creative as one could wish for.  3T allowed me to flourish, grow and progress, this was in part due to an equally stunning team.  Everyone was so skilled in their field, I was lucky to work amongst some brilliant designers, developers, project managers and my Creative Director Alan Carpenter was a fantastic mentor and to boot, an excellent designer, I learnt almost everything I now use as a manager from this man.  Cheers Alan.


2000 - 2001

Role:  Graduate Designer

This is where I earned my wings.

I have great respect for Dragonphly as without this break, my first break, I would not be where I am today.  I left uni very raw, I had high hopes of changing the world and dragonphly gave me some great opportunities to learn the core skills I needed. A lot of first jobs within design are simply tea making and page chopping, well I was really lucky here; I got to design everything from flyers, letterheads and business cards, right through to full exhibition stands. These jobs were daunting to say the least, but it was here that I learnt just how much enjoyment I got out of new and demanding opportunities.

Most importantly I got my first commercial illustration job here and it was from this point onward that I knew I HAD to become an illustrator.

Thanks Dragonphly.

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Eyeball Invaders

Eyeball Invaders was a fun little side project that I worked on back in 2008 for Fishing Cactus which is now on Steam Greenlight!


If you know Analogue you know their creations are absolutely breathtaking, so getting the chance to re-design their site was a blessing!


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