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In a nutshell

I guess that first of all I should really introduce myself, so, hello, I’m Michael Heald, the creator and loving owner of Fully Illustrated. While in a formal sense, Fully Illustrated is a true ‘new media company’ that provides creative services to companies across the globe, I’m not one to get carried away in trying to sound all big and corporate, so I prefer to talk in more of a one to one fashion, it just feels much more natural. So I hope you don’t mind the informal nature of my chatter across the site.

So in a nutshell, Fully Illustrated’s approach is to provide the very best level of creative services at very reasonable prices. So for those of you who don’t know my background, I have a vast 10 years experience in new media. Designing, illustrating, animating, creatively directing and managing for some of the biggest creative agencies. During this time I have serviced the creative needs of some of the biggest global brands, such as Nintendo, Pepsi and MTV. What all this means, is that since setting up Fully Illustrated as a one man creative machine, I can now bring all those skills, years of experience and oodles of passion, in a whole new, and much more affordable package! Without further ado, I welcome you to Fully Illustrated!

Hmm.. simple really, I love what I do

Ranked in the Top 99 Best Agencies Worldwide

I am very proud of this accolade!  I was pretty blown away to find out that Fully Illustrated had been nominated to be in the Creative Agency Awards book, a book that features the top 99 creative agencies in the world, covering both print and web.

At the time of this book going to print Fully Illustrated had only been in operation for 18 months, so I was even more excited.

Needless to say, I was notified a few weeks later to inform me that Fully Illustrated had now been shortlisted and was going to appear in the book!

The competition was very, very stiff indeed and I was wholly proud of the 18 month's efforts to get recognition like this.

Multi Award Winning Creative Services

Over the years Fully Illustrated has been awarded with over 100 varied and exciting creative awards, for not just web design, but also motion graphics and illustration too.

To add to this, Fully Illustrated has also appeared in a number of creative books and been featured in a mixture of design & web publications, such as Web Designer Magazine and .NET Magazine.

Each project has a varied number of goals that have to be met, which are always the primary driver when determining the creative direction for that project.  So, while awards, books and magazines can never be the primary goal, it is always a joy to receive them, no matter how large or small.

Where possible, I aim to make each project award worthy, not just for my own personal gratification, but as a stamp of approval for each of my clients, to show them that the work they have received is of a recognised high standard.

Large Agency Services at Affordable Prices

I'm a firm believer in fair pricing, and structure Fully Illustrated to work in such a way that allows my services to be bought for very affordable prices.  While not the cheapest in the world, Fully Illustrated's prices are a lot less than the large agency alternatives.  And as my background is based in these large agencies, it means that the very same services and quality can now be secured for a much smaller price tag.

You're not paying for a large city centre studio, corporate overheads, huge staffing costs and board luxuries here, just the essentials.

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Democracy 3

I've been working with Positech Games for some time now, so it was great to be invited to work with them again on the follow up to Democracy 2.

Kingdom Rush

Well, I think just about everyone on planet earth knows about Kingdom Rush, so when I got invited to design their family of sites, I got just a little bit giddy!


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