I just love design in every way.  There is a level of satisfaction that can barely be compared to when creating a new design, especially one that you know is really pushing your skills to new levels.   I make a valid effort with each and every project to make it better than my last, meaning that I never have and never will rest on my laurels.  I will never be satisfied with where I am, and will always yearn to create something better.  I believe this is the only mentality to have when you work in design.  This industry, as with its styles, trends and fashions, is ever growing, ever moving and ever changing.  I will always want to be just that little bit better!

The design services that I offer cover every facet of the design spectrum:

  • Web Design
  • Design for iPhone & Mobile Devices
  • Interface & HUD Design for Games
  • All Format Print Design

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Illustration, as per the name of the company would suggest, is the root of everything I do.  I started out with the sole goal of being a cartoon illustrator and did so for many years.  While I love all the other disciplines that I offer, nothing else fulfills me as much as creating characters.  No other art form, in my opinion, can evoke such an immediate response from the viewer.  I love to see a person's face light up upon seeing a new character, its fantastic, and makes every last second of effort worth it.

Illustration has so many uses in today's world, and I work in many different capacities as an illustrator, some of which include:

  • Illustration for Video Game Art
  • Book Illustration
  • Illustrated Branding
  • Illustration for Websites & Digital Mediums

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Video Game Design & Art


One of my biggest passions is the creation of art for video games; be it simply for interface and HUD design, or full blown character and scenery illustration, whatever it may be is always of interest!

I have worked on a number of mixed games projects over the years, from iPhone and flash games right through to commercial Wii and X360 games.  This is a field that I am working in more and more as each month passes, so please keep your eyes peeled in the portfolio for more new examples of my endeavours. I currently offer the following skills:

  • Character Art
  • Environment Art
  • Animation
  • Interface Design
  • HUD Design
  • Game Branding

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3D & Motion Graphics


I offer a mixed selection of services under the umbrella of 3D and Motion Graphics, from environment and character creation, to full motion graphics for games trailers and flash animations.

I love this field in so many ways, as the final result of seeing a new motion graphics piece come together, or watching the final seconds of a model rendering can bring untold joy!

Due to the time involved with 3D graphics and motion, the prices for these services are quite often more than you may expect, so please bear in mind that these services can cost a lot more than simpler design projects.

Some of the services available are:

  • Video Game Trailers
  • Environment Modelling, Lighting & Texturing
  • Character Modelling, Lighting & Texturing
  • Object Modelling, Lighting & Texturing

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Branding is quite possibly the most important part of any design project, as it the first element that people really see and the one that you need them to remember.  Your brand has to communicate both your character as much as your service, so the tone, style and application of your brand is vitally important to get right.

I offer a full breadth of branding services from one off web based logos, to full brand packages, which include multiple variants for different applications, brand bibles, and full stationary design.

While in no way limited to these, the following are a list of branding services I have on offer:

  • Company Branding
  • Video Game Branding
  • iPhone & General Application/Software Branding

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Photography is the only skill that I showcase that I do not offer commercially.  As an artist, you need to keep something back for yourself, something untouched and outside of the commercially creative realm.  It is, in my opinion, what keeps you fresh.  I love to pick up my camera, without a brief and wander, almost aimlessly in the hope of discovering a new and exciting vision through the viewfinder of my camera.

As I predominantly shoot the natural world, it gives me time to walk around with Mother Nature at my side, enjoying the wonders that she has to offer.  While wandering through a quiet forest, or over open moorland,  I find nothing quite as breathtaking as the feeling of cool, fresh country air in my lungs.  The movement of wind in the trees, water running along a stream or long grass being molded in sweeping passes of wind.  All a tad over the top I know, but I really do draw a lot of love and inspiration from the world around me.

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Rabid Rabbit

It’s been a good month since I last posted some new ‘commercial’ work as everything is in production right now, so to keep the site updated and keep my regulars entertained, I’ve been playing in my sketch pad on pretty much daily basis...and here’s the latest incarnation...the Rabid Rabbit.


Adrian Peterson’s – All Day Foundation

Another great NFL related site for the guys over at Quantus Interactive! This time it was for none other than Adrian Peterson himself! Awesome!


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