The Monster Games Collection

To anyone viewing this outside of the games industry, I forewarn you, it’s detailed, immensely geeky and may seem ever so slightly crazy to have as part of a company’s website.

The main reason for this is that as most people know, I am totally obsessed with the games industry, hence my client list.  I often mention to my new, potential and existing customers about my EXTENSIVE games collection, comprising of over 30 consoles and hundreds of games.   Consider this as a showing of my true love for the industry; to prove that I’m not just a designer that happens to have some games clients, but am an individual who set out from childhood to work in his favorite industry.  I love just about everything to do with games, gaming and the games industry, so here lies my proof :)

While not all stored in one location, here’s the collection in full.

Dedicated Arcade Cab


This was literally a dream come true.  From the days of standing in the smoky, seedy arcades of the 80’s and 90’s I long dreamed of owning one of these wooden mammoth beasts.  So once I started up my own business I realised that the most important goal for the end of year one, was to buy a dedicated Arcade Cabinet just for me!

I got this beauty custom made, choosing the button layout,  the sticks (Happ Ultimates of course and yes I know, they're not Sanwa competition sticks, but I don't like those and this baby was all about personal choice), the buttons, everything.  I even had a particular Wells Gardner monitor imported to make sure I got those perfect arcade scanlines, yum, yum!

A dream come true!



Original & Boxed Consoles: 2
Original & Boxed Games: 4

In total honesty this company is one of my all time favorites, if not my all time favorite!  Their unwavering dedication to hardcore 2D gaming is plain and simply inspiring!

As a kid I dreamt of owning the beast that was the NEO GEO AES, but as my parents weren’t royalty, this machine remained something of a dream.  With that said, when the NEO GEO CD came around, I jumped on one and that was the love of my life for many geeky years...until the drive broke, grrrrr.

Needless to say, once I got old enough and stupid enough, I got myself a beautiful Japanese model, with matching serial numbers and a small collection of games.



Original & Boxed Consoles: 8
Original & Boxed Games: 140 +

This was really where my obsession came to life I think, as my first true games console was the Sega Master System, which I just adored.  The days of playing Alex the Kidd over and over again are still fresh in my mind!  From here my love for Sega just grew.  When I got my first Mega Drive I thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Strider, how loved this machine!  I also vividly remember picking up my imported Japanese Dreamcast and being awe struck by Soul Calibre, man, I loved this company!  I shed a tear the day Sega announced it wouldn’t be making consoles anymore.  Now as a grown man, with a collection of over 140 games, I think I love it more than ever :)



Original & Boxed Consoles: 11
Original & Boxed Games: 40+

While I was ALWAYS a Sega evangelist and still am, I was one day put in terrible position!  Nintendo had just confirmed the rights to take Street Fighter 2 (my all time favorite arcade game) exclusively to the SNES!  This was a dark time indeed, as after many teenage school yard arguments over which company was the greatest.  I was now left with the terrible task of leaving the Sega fold to buy a SNES!  Nooooo.  Needless to say, I did and loved every damn minute!  The SNES was superb and truly fell for a few titles like Super Ghouls n Ghosts, Axelay, UN Squadron, Contra and of course, the Mario games.  From here onward I bought every Nintendo console ever made, but none of them ever brought that sparkle that my Sega machines did.  In the modern day, I own all that is available, but I have to admit, I’m more of an old school hardcore gamer, so Nintendo’s new ‘friendly and family’ direction hasn’t worked with me and the machine now gathers dust.  Shame really.

P.S. Yes, that's a boxed Japanese 'as new' virtual boy, I loooove my Virtual Boy!!



Original & Boxed Consoles: 5
Original & Boxed Games: 50+

Where the hell did these guys come from?  Sony?  They make TV’s, CD players etc, not games consoles...right?  I couldn’t believe it when Sony stepped into the fray all those years ago, with some bizarrely named Virtua Fighter rip off called ‘Tekken’?.  Launching at the same time as my beloved Sega Saturn, I really thought that Sony wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a market dominated by the giants that were Sega and Nintendo.  How wrong was I!  A number of years later, after the horrific impact that piracy had taken on the Dreamcast, Sega pulled out of the hardware market, leaving me with no option other than to buy a Playstation 2!  What a machine!  I loved it!  But the machine that I have loved the most has been the PSP, when this puppy arrived from Japan I fell in love, big time!  This was the slickest piece of gaming kit I had ever seen, and Ridge Racer, oh my God, it was beautiful...and portable.  Today the PS3 is my most played contemporary console, I love it!



Original & Boxed Consoles: 2
Original & Boxed Games: 30+

Yep, another surprise entry into the games field.  Geeky, Microsoft trying to muscle in a super cool industry like the games industry, get real, they won’t stand a chance!  And what’s this GIGANTIC piece of plastic with HUGE XBOX?  With a game called HALO?  Won't last five minutes.  WRONG!  After one play in my local games shop I was sold, Microsoft had created a monster!  This console rocked!  Halo dominated sooooooo many hours of mine and my friends lives, where every Friday we would gather and have 4 player local battles for hours on end (while enjoying such fine cuisine as KFC and Burger King...good gaming food).  Microsoft had reserved their place in this market and they were only going to grow.  It feels as though the XBOX has been here forever, but in reality, Microsoft are only on generation 2 of their consoles, so they are still in their infancy, I can’t wait to see what they bring over the coming years!



Boxed Consoles: 1
Original App Store Games: 100+

Well, what can I say here, I bought this as I wanted a cool phone, not a games console, so you can imagine my surprise when after the first month of owning it I had put in more hours play time on this than I had on my PS3 or X360!  This little beauty has become my console of choice, I play it daily, I play everywhere and I love it!  It harks back to the 16-bit days of quick play fun, none of this drawn out story business, where you need an hour just to get into the game, this is pick up and play goodness at its best.  I guess this is why my first venture into games design has been through this machine :)  Long live the iPhone!

Arcade Stick Collection


Original & Boxed Arcade Sticks: 9

Write up coming soon, I ran out of time before pushing live, watch this space :)



Original & Boxed Consoles: 1

Write up coming soon, I ran out of time before pushing live, watch this space

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As ever, getting a good collection of quality artwork to use makes all the difference, so working on the Cozmix site was a blast!


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What a cool project! This my first iPhone game project where I was asked to create the in game art, awesome! And to go with it, it needed, branding, interface and web work!


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