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Stenches – Artwork Preview!

October 17, 2010

Hey Everyone,

One of the recent iPhone games I’ve been busy on, is the sub-story follow up to the worldwide AppStore hit, Trenches,  attractivly entitled, Stenches!

After the phenominal sucess of Trenches and the huge expression of love from the players regarding secret unlock-able ‘Zombie Horde Mode’, Thunder Game Works decided to create a whole game based around this awesome little mini-game.

So you can imagine my excitement when I was tasked with bringing this vision to life!  I love anything Zombie related, so couldnt wait to get my teeth into this!  New characters, environments, branding, menu’s, everything!  Absolutely awesome fun!!!  Just to give you a preview of what’s to come, I’ve showcased the main zombie characters below, and as you’ll see, there’s quite a mix in this new game :)

The game is crammed with awesome new features and game modes, but I wont babble on about those here (you’ll hear more in the press real soon) and I’ll leave you take a look at the concept sketches.

If you’re a fan of Trenches and/or Zombies, you’ve got to grab a copy of this puppy when it launches as I can honestly say it’s absolutely SUPERB!!

I hope you like them :)


Trenches VS Promo Art…and a Free iPad??

March 26, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to post up this bit of promo art I did for the epic new update to Trenches.  As the guys over at TGW put A HUGE amount of work into creating the amazing co-op and vs mode, they wanted to have a new piece of art to promote it, showing the British solider and the German soldier facing off in a true 1 on 1 fashion.  This was great fun!

Also, to go along with the update, they are giving away a free iPad!  If you fancy winning yourself a free iPad, check out the competition over at TGW, as lets face it, getting a free iPad for playing an awesome game is pretty much a no brainer ;)

Here’s the link:

Enjoy :)


Trenches featured on Touch Arcade!

December 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Just got news from the guys at Thundergameworks that Trenches has been featured on Touch Arcade!  There is a full video preview of the game along with screenshots and artwork, all of which is exclusive to Touch Arcade.  Take a peek…

From the comments so far, it looks as though everyone is excited about this game which is totally awesome!  So much time, love and passion has been put into this game so its great to see it getting the warm welcome we were hoping for.

Stay tuned for the official release date, its coming VERY soon!


Trenches Unveiled

November 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I posted an entry recently about a collaboration I was part of with the guys over at, and this weekend they officially announced the game!

Its called Trenches and as you would expect is based during WW1 and features trench warfare…and that’s all I’m saying ;)  There is a lot of chatter around the web about the genre of this game, and the guys at TGW are keeping shtum for now, so I’ll keep up the secrecy and say no more here.

This project has been one of my all time faves, its been BRILLIANT from start to finish, and hopefully you’ll all see the amount of time and love that’s gone into it.  Take a peek at the two peices of preview art below and rest assured, this isnt just flashy promo art, the in game art is of the same ilk…only smaller :)

You can follow Thunder Game Works updates on Twitter here as much more will be revealed over the coming weeks leading up to launch.



New collaboration with Thunder Game Works

October 7, 2009


Hey everyone, I know I’ve been babbling on a lot recently about my under the radar activity with some new games (as well as my own little games company, official announcement on that next week), well I just wanted to announce an exciting new collaboration I’m involved with, with the guys over at Thunder Game Works.  T.G.W. are a new and VERY exciting iPhone developer whose sole goal is to create seriously awesome games, were not talking fly by night iPhone cheap thrills here, were talking quality, on every level!

Well, I was lucky enough to be chosen as their artist for their first title Trenches, so for the past couple of months I’ve been a busy fella, illustrating, designing and animating like an over excited crazed maniac, and I can only say that this is going to be something bloody fantastic! I am sooooo proud to be involved in this and I can honestly say that there is nothing like this out there right now!

There are a number of breathtaking unlockables in this game too, some of which are LITERALLY bigger than most $0.99 games! It’s nothing short of epic!

So, watch this space, there will be much more to come very soon!




This was yet another fab iPhone project from Thunder Game Works! This time I was tasked with conceptualising the brand, UI and icon design for the all new 3D hack’n’slash epic, Evertales!

Confetti FX

Confetti FX have been a long standing client of mine and when I was invited to re-design their site, one that I originally designed many years ago, I was really honoured!


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