Hey Everyone,

Welcome to a spooky All Hallows blog entry!

As this year is the first year of being a dad, I decided, or should I say my wife decided, that it was high time that my cartoon skills should meet pumkin flesh…and what a wonderfully good idea that was! ┬áI got rather excited by this, and as you’d expect, it couldnt be just a simple case of throwing down some holes in a pumpkin…ooooooh no, this needed sketching, planning and nice new ultra sharp set of cartoon pumpkin carving knives…and a massive spoon ;)

So I spent some time sketching out some ideas and soon settled on the final one, and what a handsome monster he was too.

So last night I set to work carving him out and I have to say that it was a total blast!

Its been such a long time since I’ve strayed away from my computer or sketchpad to actually create something, so this felt, well, special! ┬áNeedless to say, after a couple of hours of cutting and chopping he was ready!

I couldnt wait to get him candlelit and in front of my door.

I cant wait for next year!

Hope you like him.