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Interview on Start Frag

September 14, 2011

Hey Everyone,

Another long delay since my last post…nothing ever changes does it ;)

I was contacted last month by the very friendly chaps over at Start Frag to see if I’d be interested in a quick interview about my thoughts, experiences and feelings about working within the games industry…how could I refuse.

Why not pop over and take a quick read.

Thanks for the fun interview Start Frag!



Interview over at Spicy Web Designers

June 23, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick one to let you know that I’ve recently been interviewed for a quick few words over at Spicy Web Designers.  Take a peek if you fancy :)



In-depth interview on Illustration Toolbox

March 17, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I was contacted by Brian over at Illustration Toolbox recently to see if I’d be interested in doing an interview, which was a rather awesome enquiry as I actually use Illustration Toolbox regularly for illustration inspiration, so I accepted the offer immediatly!!

Take a read:

You can also follow them on twitter here:

I’ve done quite a few interviews of late, so decided that for this interview to be a little more open and delve deeper into my career history and processes, so hopefully any regular visitors out there will find this an interesting read…and if not, you’ll probably end up yawning and falling asleep ;)

Thanks Illustration Toolbox!


Featured on Smashing Magazine!

March 5, 2010

Smashing Magazine have just ran a new feature entitled ‘Beautiful Illustrator Artworks By Artists Around the World‘ and I was lucky enough to one of the featured artists, yey!  Thanks guys!

Take a peek if you like:



Interview on The Design Inspiration

February 16, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I just thought you may like to know that I was recently interviewed by the guys over at The Design Inspiration and its now online.  The Design Inspiration is a great resource, and is one that I use for Illustration inspiration all the time as they’ve always got some great articles and artist showcases on, so it was rather nice to have been invited along!

The interview covers a whole host of things, which hopefully some of you may find of interest.

Take a peek…



Interview on Vectortuts+

October 4, 2009


Hey everyone, I just wanted to drop a quick post to mention that I was interviewed by Sonali over at Vectortuts+, so if your interested you can pop over and have a read.  Its a pretty in depth interview covering mainly my workings within illustration, so if that spikes your interest, take a peek.  The site is also a great hub for all things illustration, so for any budding illustrators you’ll find some great articles, tutorials and mixed examples of different illustration styles.  Its a great site.

So a big thanks to Sonali for getting in touch and hopefully there wont be too many people falling asleep while reading through it :)


P.S. There may also be a mention of a certain new games company and their new game…whom could that be I wonder???



Adrian Peterson’s – All Day Foundation

Another great NFL related site for the guys over at Quantus Interactive! This time it was for none other than Adrian Peterson himself! Awesome!


This was an absolutely BRILLIANT project!


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