Being something of a thoroughbred geek, I actually have some other interests other than retro video games that are as equally geeky…the main one being retro radio controlled cars! Are you spotting a theme here? Yes, retro, I know, I know, typical 30 something reliving his teen youth, but its been a love of mine since childhood.  Anyway, I doubt that many Fully Illustrated visitors will find this sideline of mine very interesting, but for those who do, take a peek at, its my new personal blog covering the restoration of a 1989 Tamiya classic.  The design is rather different from my usual stuff as its based around the spares boxes that Tamiya make and I absolutley love this box art.  Anyway, just thought I’d share that with the world.  Out of the 50k visitors that pass by the blog each month, there must be one that finds this of interest ;)