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Wulverblade front page feature!

January 5, 2013

Looks like the guys over at iFanzine have picked up Wulverblade and featured it on the homepage. Awesome!

Check it out! –

Thanks for the feature guys!



Trenches 2 gets featured in GAMES TM!

March 13, 2012

Hey Everyone!

I was rather overjoyed to see Trenches 2 featured in this month’s GAMES TM in a new feature entitled ’69 iOS titles for 69p’.  Here’s what they had to say…”A stirring metaphor for the futility of WW1 trench warfare, this tasks the player with moving between the bits of cover dotted throughout each level, and making it to the enemy base one step at a time. Its unique, its surprisingly deep and it has a great art style.”…I kinda liked the last part the most ;)





June 29, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick one to let you know that all of a sudden I’ve just recieved a whole swathe of great press!  I just had to let out the excitement somewhere :)  My dinosaur character that came to life on my iPad has been featured in .NET Magazine and Mac Format! And to add to that, Voodoo Controllers has been featured in .NET Mag too, scooping site of the month!  What a lovely contrast to all that god awful hacking and copying!

You can take a look at all the coverage over in the press section.

Oh, and I also got a rather lovely mention in the 3 Circle Studio Podcast last week too!  They ran a podcast on ‘The Most Inspiring Creatives‘ and they chose to include little old me (about 33mins in)…flattered is a bloody understatement!  Thanks guys!!


Super Turbo Action Pig trailer live!

March 5, 2010

Yey, I finally launched the Super Turbo Action Pig trailer!  I went the whole hog with this baby and lavishly created it in lovely HD 720p, which is a tad over the top for a game that runs at 480×320, but what the heck, its was a great chance to do some animated cartoon cut scenes in HD :)

If you like the trailer, why not head on over to YouTube and give us a lovely 5 star rating :)

The game is going into submission today, so I’ll keep you posted, and as soon as its launched, you’ll hear about it here first!



Featured on Smashing Magazine!

March 5, 2010

Smashing Magazine have just ran a new feature entitled ‘Beautiful Illustrator Artworks By Artists Around the World‘ and I was lucky enough to one of the featured artists, yey!  Thanks guys!

Take a peek if you like:



Interview on The Design Inspiration

February 16, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I just thought you may like to know that I was recently interviewed by the guys over at The Design Inspiration and its now online.  The Design Inspiration is a great resource, and is one that I use for Illustration inspiration all the time as they’ve always got some great articles and artist showcases on, so it was rather nice to have been invited along!

The interview covers a whole host of things, which hopefully some of you may find of interest.

Take a peek…



Trenches featured on Touch Arcade!

December 20, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Just got news from the guys at Thundergameworks that Trenches has been featured on Touch Arcade!  There is a full video preview of the game along with screenshots and artwork, all of which is exclusive to Touch Arcade.  Take a peek…

From the comments so far, it looks as though everyone is excited about this game which is totally awesome!  So much time, love and passion has been put into this game so its great to see it getting the warm welcome we were hoping for.

Stay tuned for the official release date, its coming VERY soon!


Article on Design Informer

November 18, 2009


I just wanted to post a quick thank you to the guys over at Design Informer for their immensly flattering review of my work in their recent article…so…thanks guys!!  I figured the least I could do was post a link back :)

After taking a quick peek around the site, they have a lot of cool resources on their too, links to free creative resources, tutorials etc.  Worth a look!!


Trenches Unveiled

November 15, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I posted an entry recently about a collaboration I was part of with the guys over at, and this weekend they officially announced the game!

Its called Trenches and as you would expect is based during WW1 and features trench warfare…and that’s all I’m saying ;)  There is a lot of chatter around the web about the genre of this game, and the guys at TGW are keeping shtum for now, so I’ll keep up the secrecy and say no more here.

This project has been one of my all time faves, its been BRILLIANT from start to finish, and hopefully you’ll all see the amount of time and love that’s gone into it.  Take a peek at the two peices of preview art below and rest assured, this isnt just flashy promo art, the in game art is of the same ilk…only smaller :)

You can follow Thunder Game Works updates on Twitter here as much more will be revealed over the coming weeks leading up to launch.



Say hello to The Joystick Generals!

October 12, 2009

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, say hello to The Joystick Generals!  After many months of tweeting and babbling about my new venture into the world of video games, it is my pleasure, along with Chris Wilson from Abitofcode, to welcome you to our new company, The Joystick Generals!


Yes the name is rather mad, somewhat retro and just a little bit camp…We love it ;)

It’s been a lifelong dream of both Chris’s and mine, to own and run a small games company, and now after many years we’ve gone and done it!  It’s all thanks to the wonder that is the iPhone!  This magnificent little platform has become the perfect springboard for aspiring games makers like ourselves to step forward and make a mark.   We’re both passionate about retro 2D gaming and knew that if ever we ventured into this market, that we would be going old school, so you’re not going to see any overly deep, 3D, insanely complex, modern games from us, oh no, just good old, 2D pick up and play, gaming goodness!

So you can expect to see a high level of polish in our games due to my obsessive creative eye, coupled with some rather spiffing and solid coding from Mr.Wilson.  In our fields combined, we have over 25 years experience!  Nice.


Our first game is comically entitled Super Turbo Action Pig!  Yes its mental, just like the name of the company…just how we like it :)  So as you’ll see from the teaser image above (and the link to the holding page) the game is based around the escapades of our rather dashing pig.  He’s no ordinary pig though, oh no, he is Super Turbo Action Pig, a pig that laughs in the face of the old saying ‘pigs might fly’ and screams ‘check out my thrusters baby! ’.  We’re not going to give too much away regarding the aim of the game (as some cheeky blighter will most likely steal it and make a nasty version before we push live ;), as we are going to release more info leading up to the launch.  But what we will say is, it’s going to be a great game!  And yes, it’s going sit in the $0.99/£0.59p bracket.  Bargain!

We’re going to get our official Twittering up to speed to, so you can follow us at


(And if you haven’t already, you can pick up my personal twittering at and Chris’s at

More updates coming soon!




Turbary Woods – Shoot 3

This weekends shoot from Turbary Woods, another brilliant day!! This time we had the two Harris Hawks out together and they were simply breathtaking.

Dark Matter

This branding project was definitely right up my street! A new sci-fi, old-school, side-scrolling shooter in need of its identity! Rock on!


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