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A vote for your favourite pig?

April 29, 2010

Hey Everyone,

WOW, thanks for all the downloads everyone!  Super Turbo Action Pig held onto 8th yesterday, so we’re keeping it FREE…AGAIN!

If your feeling generous, why not drop us a vote

Thanks again for the support!!


Free period extended!!

April 28, 2010

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was phenominal, we made it to 8th in the games charts!!!  Thanks for all the downloads!  To celebrate we are going to continue the free period!!!  Lets see if we can push this pig into the top 5…maybe even number 1???



Thanks again everyone, your support is MUCH appreciated!


Super Turbo Action Pig is FREE today!

April 27, 2010

Yey, its Super Turbo Action Pig Tuesday, which means…Super Turbo Action Pig is free for 1 whole day!  YEY!
Enjoy the game and please spread the word, it would be awesome to see it hit the top 100 free games!!
Thanks everyone!

Yey, its Super Turbo Action Pig Tuesday, which means…Super Turbo Action Pig is free for 1 whole day!  YEY!

Enjoy the game and please spread the word, it would be awesome to see it hit the top 100 free games!!


Thanks everyone!


Super Turbo Action Pig is now out!

March 12, 2010

Yey, its out!


The reviews are coming in thick and fast, and you all seem to love it! We are sooooo pleased with the feedback! Thanks to everyone that has bought it so far and everyone that has been wishing us well around the world! We have SO many more features and play modes lined up :)

Here’s the AppStore link:

Keep the awesome reviews coming in, they are all very, very welcome :)


Super Turbo Action Pig trailer live!

March 5, 2010

Yey, I finally launched the Super Turbo Action Pig trailer!  I went the whole hog with this baby and lavishly created it in lovely HD 720p, which is a tad over the top for a game that runs at 480×320, but what the heck, its was a great chance to do some animated cartoon cut scenes in HD :)

If you like the trailer, why not head on over to YouTube and give us a lovely 5 star rating :)

The game is going into submission today, so I’ll keep you posted, and as soon as its launched, you’ll hear about it here first!



Super Turbo Action Pig is complete!

March 1, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I know most of you have been waiting to hear this quite some time, but Super Turbo Action Pig is now complete!  We had the final testing session last week, which highlighted one last teeny weeny bug, which we can now say is ironed out!  We’re launch ready!  We have a little PR work to do this week, but by the end of this week, the game will be submitted and in the App Store very soon (fingers crossed).

Just before we submit the Pig, we’re going to launch the new site too, which is also complete, so keep your eyes peeled for a site launch alert as its going to be cram packed with cool downloads, screenshots and info.

Finally the Pig is about to fly!


Emails, Super Turbo Action Pig and Im now a dad!

February 10, 2010

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to say that I’ll be back to full speed really soon.

On top of the huge influx of enquiries that have been flooding in (thanks everyone!!), I became a dad a couple of weeks ago, so life has just got a whole load busier and brilliant ;)  He arrived a little earlier than expected, so its played havoc (albeit rather amazing and wonderful havoc) with my calender, and I’ll be getting back to everyone as soon as possible.  So if your waiting for a reply, I do apologise for the delay and I will be back to you very soon.

Added to all this, Super Turbo Action Pig went into Beta testing recently (thanks for the testing everyone) and is now having a some cool extras thrown in based on some very awesome feedback.  Soooooo, the game is going to be ready really soon (I know I’ve been saying this since November ;) and the site is launch ready!

2010 is proving to be a rather marvelous and exciting year!

Catch you all soon.


Belated happy new year and hello 2010!

January 15, 2010

It’s a little late, but happy new year everyone!

2009 was simply a brilliant year, so many fun projects and so many fun clients! The past year was a dream come true for me, as after 10 years working in this industry, it is only now, since setting up on my own, that I am finally doing the kinds of work I’ve always dreamed of. I want to say thanks to all my awesome clients and the ace folks that keep popping back to this little site to see what’s been going on!

My dream had always been to be working with games companies, and just shy of 2 years into my voyage, I seem to be living that dream and I feel so thankful to everyone out there that has helped me to this point. My very first games jobs were for the guys at Toribash and Data Realms, so to Hampus and Daniel, I say a BIG THANK YOU for both your business and your kind referrals, as I truly believe that it is you that helped set the wheels in motion.

2010 is shaping up to be pretty bloomin exciting too, I’m soon to be launching the Joystick Generals with Chris Wilson, I have a lovely line up of exciting projects and to top it all off, Trenches, the first major iPhone game that I was the Art Director on, has hit the top 5 best selling paid apps worldwide, blooming awesome! Anyway, I’m starting to get all emotional lol, so without further ado, I want to say a big hello to 2010 and I cannot wait to see what you have in store!


Free Desktop Wallpaper!

December 10, 2009


As we’ve had a couple of hold ups on the game’s release, I just wanted to make you all a nice desktop wallpaper to brighten up your day :)  We’ve been adding some extra polish to the game recently and subsequently came across a couple of development time increases, but we’re aiming to get this ‘submission ready’ for mid/late January…we’re nearly there!

So, grab yourself a free wallpaper right here…and don’t forget to pass on the link to your friends, as lets face it, who needs Playboy Bunnies, Ferrari’s and epic scenery on their desktop when they can have a flying pig ;)

Here they are:

Quite a few of you have been mailing and tweeting to ask for more info about the game…now even though we are being sketchy about the game (not just to keep you interested but also to make sure no one else goes and makes the game before us ;) what I can say is that its an endurance game!  Its sent to test your gaming skills!  Also in addition to this, we can now confirm that Open Feint is the global scoring mechanism.

The new site and AWESOME teaser trailer will be finalised over the Christmas break…mince pie in one hand, Wacom pen in the other :)

Thanks, I hope you all enjoy the wallpapers!


Free iPhone Wallpapers for Super Turbo Action Pig!

November 16, 2009

Hello everyone.

I thought it would be nice to throw a couple of little freebies out in the shape of some spiffing new iPhone wallpapers!  There is one of our Porky hero and one of his arch enemy Butcher Bill.  These simply need to be downloaded and set as your wallpaper.  I hope you like them :)





Mark of the Ninja

Ninja’s, seriously, ninjas…how cool is that? Couple ninja’s with the Klei’s general degree of awesomeness and you’ve got the perfect project recipe right there!

3rd Earth

This was an incredible UI project for possibly the most complex and deep mobile game I've ever worked on!


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