Client: Fully Illustrated - Michael Heald

Project: Wheelie - The 2 Wheeled Robot

Project specifics:
  • 3D Character Design

Wheelie – The 2 Wheeled Robot

Just warming up the old 3D skills ready for a rather bloody exciting new game I'm going to be working on in the new year! This little fella was designed more as an experiment in texture and light than anything else. So say hello to Wheelie, a rather unsteady looking two wheel robot :) I really enjoyed doing this, its been way too long since I dipped my toe into 3D.


Sheep Showdown

This was a load of fun! This project to was to create a quick game concept for a company in the Middle East and it had to be based around my old iOS game Super Turbo Action Pig! Nice!


The Palms Hotel

Oh yeah, now this was great, a big glossy casino in Vegas, I mean come on, it doesn't get a whole lot cooler than that! This place is all about partying, glitz, Playboy Bunnies, money and bright lights.


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