Big Pharma

Clean, clinical but fun, that's what was needed for the Big Pharma brand. The blue and white palette felt light, hygienic and laboratory like and the icon was designed to feel like something you'd find on a chemical container. All in all the elements worked really well together and the final brand came together very smoothly. I also worked on the UI design for Big Pharma too, so it was extremely fulfilling to bring the whole package together.

Upfall Studios

This project was for a long standing twitter friend of mine who I'd been talking to for years, so it was nice to be working for someone I knew. Upfall already had an established brand using a rocket ship design, so we already had a base with which to start. I immediately knew what style would work best for this one and the whole design process ran like clockwork. I'm really pleased with the final result too. Great project!

Americana Games Studio

The brief for this brand was to create a distressed old American look, something that had a real feeling of grit, texture and depth. I really enjoyed this one as it was a nice mix of typography and brush work.


I really, really enjoyed this branding project! The guys at Discord wanted to explore a few different directions before settling on one and it was so much fun to be given the chance to explore more than just one idea. Its great to see the final brand out in the wild and being used on such a popular piece of software!

Castle Kingdom

The Castle Kingdom brand was great fun to create! It needed to be typographic and illustrated at the same time, allowing it to set the scene for the game without needing a full illustration to accompany it. Loads of fun!

High Roll

High Roll was such an amazing project to work on. I've not done any 'none cartoon' illustration work in a long, long time and when my client requested this particular direction, I was over the moon. Many hours of fine detailed ink work went into this one. I want to do more!


Creating the cheeky little bot character for this brand was great fun, he really brought the brand to life! He was initially intended to work alongside the brand, but when we realised how well he worked within the brand, he just had to stay!


This branding project was something totally different from the norm and I loved every second of it. After not illustrating anything none cartoon based in years, I suddenly had two projects within a few months of each other that both required similar styles. This one a little more off the wall though.


Now this was REALLY exciting! My first Oculus Rift project! I was contacted by E McNeill a while back to see if I'd be interested in helping out with the concept art, concept UI and branding for his Oculus Rift title Ciess, which had already won awards in its early stage of development. As you can imagine...I bit his arm off! E wanted to take the game in a darker, cyber, hacker direction, something that had me very excited as a general direction.


This was a seriously fun illustrative branding project, one that required lots of teeth! The brief I was given was fairly open and I was given the freedom to explore my own ideas for the brand. So going along with the name, I thought I'd juxtapose it with a creature full of teeth and obviously ready to take a huge chunk out of you. The idea was inspired by the age old adage that aggressive dog owners use 'oh don't worry, he doesn't bite' when its plainly obviously he'd take your arm off given half the chance ;)

Torn Banner Studios

I'm a HUGE fan of Torn Banner Studios after their very famous first title, Chivalric Warfare, so when I was given the chance to work on their re-branding, I jumped at the chance! As the title of the company is what it is, the idea for the logo itself was a simple solution, but it actually took a few revisions before we landed on the final design. The end outcome has worked out really well. I also worked on their brand ID animation too. Awesome stuff!


This was a great project that required a super sharp and super clean typographically led brand for the futuristic android benchmarking app.

Firestar Toys

Firestar Toys are the go to company for all things custom Lego and they were a company I was well aware of before they got in touch. So when I heard from them enquiring about an all new brand that required an injection of character design, I was all over it! This character obviously couldn't be a Lego man, but I wanted to bring in influences that would allow it to reflect the subject that it represented. So a mixture of those influences and some bold contemporary flares made this guy what he is. Fun project!

Mini Warriors

I'd been lucky enough to create all the in-game artwork for Mini Warriors, so when I was tasked with creating a vibrant brand to match, I couldn't wait to get started!

The Tiniest Shark

I'd been in touch with Mitu Khandaker on and off over the past couple of years regarding a couple of projects, but our schedules finally aligned on this one and what fun it was! The Tiniest Shark is her development studio and I was dying to illustrate the name as it evoked so many ideas. I couldn't shake the idea of this little shark surrounded by HUGE nasty looking ones, while at the same time holding its own just fine. Seriously fun little project!

Planetoid Pioneers

Data Realms were one of my very first clients back when I first ventured into the Indie gaming scene. I was SO happy to hear from Dan again when he needed a new brand for his upcoming game, Planetoid Pioneers!

Poker Clash

I was tasked with creating a collection of characters, an illustrated brand, app icon and a set of playing cards for this new online/mobile poker game. It was really good fun to bring some real personality to the core characters of a deck of cards! I know I always add this at the end of every project description, but it was seriously good fun!<

Hammer & Chisel

The guys at Hammer & Chisel were referred to me from another great customer of mine and when I heard the brief, I was chomping at the bit! This new brand had to be rich in texture, atmosphere and adhere to a very strict, but truly wonderful list of requirements. It was time to hammer out some 3D for this one as nothing else would fit the bill.

Pics for Pals

This is the latest game from Thunder Game Works, and I was lucky enough to invited to handle the branding, icon and UI! Great fun!

Analogue Interactive

I was already well aware of Analogue Interactive and their amazing consolised Neo Geo range, so I was super keen to take this project on. Needless to say no money exchanged hands on this project, it was strictly home arcade hardware for design...perfect!

Dark Matter

This branding project was definitely right up my street! A new sci-fi, old-school, side-scrolling shooter in need of its identity! This game is Interwave Studio's latest venture and looks truly fantastic! I was rather happy when they came back to me for the brand design as I always have a blast working with the Interwave team!

Game Dock

If you haven't already heard of the Game Dock (its mentioned all over this site) this was my dream job, creating the brand for a new console! I've been very closely involved with the Game Dock from the outset, so creating its identity, UI and website has been nothing short of a dream come true. I loved every single second!


I've been working with Kerosene on a number of projects recently, so it was great to take over the design of their new brand! This new direction had to be rolled out across a new site, business cards and an entire in-app social engine too. Great fun!

Fates Forgiven

Getting the chance to work with Hammer & Chisel on their latest venture was rather exciting! Their new game Fates Forgiven looks incredible!

NOTE - The name of the game has now changed to Fates Forever


After creating the identity for COCOS 2D, the guys over at COCOS 2DX fancied their very own bespoke version of the logo. And as 2DX is more android focused, it seemed only fitting to give the coconut a more robotic feel. I love COCOS!

Democracy 3

I've been working with Positech Games for some time now, so it was great to be invited to work with them again on the follow up to Democracy 2.

Modern War Live

This was my first project with Triniti Interactive and boy was it a fun one! Modern War Live is an MMO for the iPhone and I was tasked with creating the brand and main user interface. The brand was so much fun to work on as I absolutely love this genre and creating a hardcore weapon based logo was just too much fun!

Happily Ever After

This was a lovely branding project for Honeyslug's beautiful new children's app, Happily Ever After. The app is set in a fairy tale world alongside all the most famous fairytale characters you can think of. The app is just beautiful so the brand needed that extra illustrated touch to make it pop. Great fun!

Haypi Dragons

This was my 3rd project with Haypi over in China, and yet again, it was ace! This time around they wanted me as the core concept artist to flesh out the style and overall look and feel of Haypi Dragons. The main gameplay mechanic of this game is similar to Worms in many ways, but is backed up with a giant MMO world and play structure. Its fantastically addictive! The guys at Haypi needed me to create the main characters, environment styling, animations, branding, UI styling and core menus. From here they took the project in house and expanded it into the monster game that it is. I HIGHLY recommend a play as its got me hooked! Also, you can see all the UI and menu work over in the design section.

Cascadia Games

This was SUCH a wonderful project! I love illustrating characters, but this grizzly bear character for Cascadia has to be one of my all times faves! Cascadia Games have quite a meaning behind their name, so there was a lot to accomplish within the brands feel, it was a fantastic challenge and one that both the client and his fan base were really happy with! You can see more of this project in the design and illustration sections.


This was yet another fab iPhone project from Thunder Game Works! This time I was tasked with conceptualising the brand, UI and icon design for the all new 3D hack’n’slash epic, Evertales! The logo was the first part of the project and that was a joy to work on. I wanted this to really grasp at the pre-Christian, Pagan feel, with a large powerful tree, deep routes and a generally ethereal look. I love stuff like this so I really got my teeth into the brand! With the scene set I got to work on the UI elements, continuing the same feel and introducing yet more texture. Awesome project! What also helps is that the game is bloomin marvellous too, so go grab a copy!


ISOTX have got some seriously kick ass war games to their name, and when they got in touch requesting an all new brand and website, I couldn’t wait to tackle the project! The brand had to be clean, slick and futuristic, to tie into the general feel that their games portray. This was great as it’s a direction I particularly if you hadn’t already guessed! We soon settled on the new brand design and set to work rolling out its influences into the new site. Great fun. Check out ISOTX’s games, they come HIGHLY recommended!!

Accidental Fish

Accidental Fish, what a killer name and project! As we all know, creating characters is what I love most, and when a blooming good brief lands on my desk, giving me some rather lovely creative freedom, I enjoy it all the more! I was given the name and a request to go crazy. Accidental Fish wanted my unadulterated creativity. To take their name and visualise it into something fun, playful and painfully I did! While being a very literal interpretation of the name, I wanted the character to be as cute as he was goofy, so with his wonky eye’s, and a battered body he still holds a cute persona. Great fun! Accidental Fish make apps for the iPhone and iPad, so why not pop over for a quick look!

Caffè Tempo

Few of you know that alongside video games and nature, my other HUGE passion is coffee! I’m truly obsessed with the stuff! Organic, fair-trade, where the bean is harvested, when its brewed and how its ground is sooooooooo important to me. So when a good friend of mine (who happens to make THE best espresso ever!) announced he was starting up a mobile coffee company, it was obvious who was doing the brand and site! Needless to say, Caffe Tempo is a superb little mobile coffee company and one that deserved a slick brand and a warm & welcoming site! The brand had to encapsulate all that makes it special, warmth, quality and finesse. So with this in my head and one of their espressos in my hand, I was boosted and ready to go! The brand came together very naturally, and we soon settled on the finished design. Warm tones and smooth curls all came together to give that feeling of a luxurious cup of wonderful coffee! With this polished up, we set to work on the site.

Game Doctors

With the founders being rather clever chaps and being qualified doctors, it was blindingly obvious that this had to be portrayed through the brand, as let's face it, it was a great angle that few others could really use. This was going to be fun! It was settled on that the double helix would form the core of the brand symbology and I set to work on creating a lively, fun and playful helix inspired creation. The brand came together very, very naturally, and we had soon settled on the final design and were geared up ready for the website. Now, as the Game Doctors have got a rather beautiful and rather awesome game out already, Zombie Smash, we had plenty of material to work with to flesh out the new design. All in all, the brand and site came together organically, and we all had a great time bringing the vision to life. If you haven’t indulged in a little zombie smashing I suggest making your way over to the site and grabbing a copy of the game. Its ace!

Confetti Special Effects

Confetti Special Effects is a think-tank for advanced real-time graphics research for the video game and movie industry and they’ve worked on lots of AAA titles due to their sheer awesomeness! The brand obviously needed establishing first, so the challenging task at hand was to create a logo that represented the essence of a particle system...not an easy task! After quite a lot of groundwork playing around with shapes, objects and all sorts of visual effects to create a symbol, I finally landed on the idea of an ever cycling loop of colour. After a few iterations on this idea I soon struck gold! The guys loved the new brand and we were set and ready for the site!

Cocos 2D

Creating the brand for Cocos 2D was great fun and it was great to give something back to the company that gives so much to the industry! The brand for Cocos had never really been defined before, so helping them create something solid, memorable and definite was a total pleasure!

Tribe Wars

As Aranim’s artwork is ALWAYS incredible, I couldn’t wait get my hands on the source assets! As always, they didn’t disappoint, truly superb! I soon set to work on their concept brand to set the tone for the game. I wanted to inject some real movement, history and action into the brand, to really create an epic feel that could transcend into the game UI. The final brand was welcomed with open arms and we were ready to start work on the UI. This part was great! My aim was to give the design a worn, tattered and desert like feel, to marry up with the story. And as most people know, I love texture, grit and complex designs, so this was a project just begging for a visual feast. The guys at Aranim were over the moon with the final result and set to work adapting it for the Arabic version. Fantastic project!

Dead Frontier

As I’d been wanting to play with a zombie themed project for what seems like forever, I threw a lot of time at this baby. We started out working on the brand, and it was obvious from the outset that this had to be heavily influenced by all the blood thirsty zombie flicks from the past couple of decades. So I set to work doing my usual research, collating ideas and references. With everything in hand I set to work on the logo. I decided to bring in 3 core elements to make this reek of zombies. The ragged font effect, a classic zombie arm tearing up from the ground and then the symbolic opposite of the zombie, the crucifix. I’m not normally keen on so many elements to one logo, but in this case it just seemed to work. Needless to say, it went down well :)

Project Galaxia

This was an epic project! Branding and interface design for a new futuristic iPhone SciFi MMORPG! As most of you know, I love sci-fi so this was going to rock!! The goal was to create that classic futuristic yet battered and aged effect, something to show that this wasn’t ‘shiny scifi’ but gritty scifi! So there were lots of 45 degree angles, glowing lights, aged metals, you name it...I was in heaven!

IGM – Indie Game Magazine

After running through all of IGM’s requirements, it became clear very quickly what direction to take and what content had to be pushed to the forefront, so I set to work with a very clear view of what needed to be created. Firstly, IGM needed a new brand, something to take it to a new level, something more games focused and at the same time serious and credible, again, a great challenge! With the brand sorted it was time to set to work at making IGM feel like the one and only source for all things Indie related. The new design presents the Indie news in much more of a professional manner. The guys at IGM were thrilled with the new design as was I!


The Joystick Generals

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to start my own games company, and the wonderful little device that is the iPhone has made this dream possible. Myself and Chris Wilson, owner of decided to join forces and fulfil a dream that we had both shared for so long! But creating a brand, identity and website to represent our dream was no easy task! We knew that the brand and site had to be 2D, as we both LOVE 2D graphics, and plan to only ever create 2D games. We also know that we LOVE retro gaming. So, putting those two things together, we soon realised what the two main influential factors had to be. Surprisingly, the brand came together really quickly and we settled on the look within a couple of iterations. The site then flowed on pretty naturally and we soon had a full identity sat before us! We were overjoyed! There will be a lot more to come from the Joystick Generals, so keep your eyes peeled! I hope the world enjoys our little venture as much as we do.


Off Road Velociraptor Safari HD

Yey, I was overjoyed to find out that Velociraptor Safari was going to be brought to the consoles, so when the guys at Blurst enquired about the site and re-branding, I was rather excited! The brief for this project was simple and to the point, make a single page microsite and new brand that shows off Velociraptor Safari in all its glory...simple!


Haypi Kingdom

Haypi Kingdom is a new iPhone MMORPG set in bygone times, so when I was invited to create the brand and website, I knew this was going to my cup of tea! I love oldie worldly typefaces and drew lots of inspiration from movies like Lord of the Rings and Gladiator, so once I had my inspiration sorted, I was well on my way!!


Thumb Arcade

Say hello to Thumb Arcade, a new and exciting mobile games developer! This project required some rather fun illustration, branding and site design! The brief was simple, create a bright, exciting and somewhat bonkers new brand and site design for this fresh new mobile games development company. Just the kind of brief I love. And when they said they wanted all of it to be cartoon illustrated, my eyes lit up!


Candlelight Interactive

This was such a nice project to work on. I was tasked with creating the brand for a new company called Candlelight Interactive, who's aim is to promote scientific thinking through the use of interactive technology, which essentially translates to some seriously kick ass e-learning. Sounds complex doesn't it, but the vision was such a nice idea, so creating the brand was great fun! The brand had to be ultra versatile too, so I had to create versions of this brand embossed into stone, floating in environments and printed on wood, great fun indeed!



This was one of the most fun projects I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Trenches was a gargantuan and totally awesome project! I was tasked with creating everything for this iPhone game from the ground up, game art, branding, interface design, HUD design, you name it, the whole shebang...I don't think I could have asked for a cooler project if I tried! Trenches is a tactical WW1 trench warfare game, where you can control endless amounts of troops in an attrition style of play, with the sole goal of taking over the enemies trenches. Take a peek at the design and illustration section for more on this project. This was way too much fun :)


Football Media

This was another football related project that I did recently for Football Media. The brief was pretty cool as they wanted an old school badge design for the logo! I'd always fancied creating something like this, so it was a nice chance to try my hand. A fun job overall!


Voodoo Controllers

This project was nothing short of brilliant! When the guys at Voodoo Controllers got in touch and outlined the project, I was very, very excited! Being a new company they needed a new brand, character design, site design, packaging design, 3D prototyping and banner ads...the whole shebang! I knew immediately that this was going to be ace. Everything seemed to flow really naturally too, the brand and character came together really quickly and then the rest of the elements just slotted into place. It was great to work on an e-commerce site that was a little edgy and needed to have more punch than your run of the mill online store. You can take a look at the rest of the work in the other sections of the site. So if you’re in need of a kick ass modded controller, give these guys a shout, they’ve got everything covered!


Stone Skipper

Stone Skipper was my first full iPhone project, including the in game art, branding, interface design and web site design, awesome! The brief was to create two characters, a young mischievous boy and his cheeky sidekick dog. The pair are always getting into trouble and in this outing they are out stone skipping! To go along with this they needed a world within which to live, so there are LOADS of levels set in different places around the globe. The whole project was a joy to work on and loved every minute! If you fancy a quick pick up and play game, give it a try, its great!


Time Donkey

This was another blast of a branding project for the guys over at Blurst, only this time, it was for their crazily entitled Time Donkey...awesome! The brief, as expected, was to make the brand reflect the game's style and back story, so in this case using characterful donkey influences and futuristic metallic effects...what fun!


Pocket Monkey Games

I love creating illustrated brands, and when Pocket Monkey Games got in touch I could see potential written all over the brief!!! Bizarrely enough, I'd been wanting to create a cartoon monkey for a while (no idea why, I'm just a tad strange I guess) so when this came along I thought to myself 'perfect opportunity!', and subsequently went away and started sketching. This was a great fun brand to create and one that I am really, really pleased with!!!


Touch KO

Man this was awesome! This project encompassed not only the branding of this kick ass iPhone game, but also the HUD design, interface and overall look and feel! Creating the brand was so much fun, as the premise of the game is a rags to riches boxing story played along to a killer hip hop soundtrack, so the brand had to reflect this in every way. Gritty, texture rich and very memorable.



This was a cool little icon/branding project for a new application from Yazsoft that allows you to stream content from your Mac to your PS3 or X360! The icon, which essentially is the brand had to be slick, rich and very contemporary to fit in with the feel of both the PS3, X360 and of course the Mac!



Branding Blush was one of the most natural processes I have ever been through! As soon as I laid my hands on the beta before launch I knew immediately how this brand was going to look! It uses light effects and organic curves to portray the feel and essence of the game. I loved this one!!! Top game too!


Crane Wars

This was a great little branding project for another one of the cool little Blurst games, 'Crane Wars'. The logo obviously had to communicate a strong feel of the game, so the order of the day here was an industrial work zone feel, using metals, bolts, screws and hazard markings, great fun!!


Fishing Cactus

Ok, so the brief was to create something that was as playful, fun and crazy as it was respectable, a challenge you would initially think, but this came together so naturally! It was so much fun to create and stands as one of my all time favorite characters!


Black Jacket Studios

As I absolutely love the creative direction of Black Jacket Studios first game, Metal Drift, I was really excited to create a brand that would slot into this feel. The logo had to be slick, futuristic, gamey and also professional. The end outcome is one both the client and I were really happy with!!


GEN – Green Energy

GEN was the fictitious brand that I created for my feature in .NET Magazine, where myself and two other designers had to create a design for a new energy company. The brief was initially quite dry, 'to create a website for an energy company', well, me being me, I wasn't willing to let that get in my way :) I wanted to put a serious twist on the whole thing and play this from a green energy perspective, playing to today's obsession with going green. GEN was the result. You can see the associated design that went with this in the design section.



Fishing Cactus

Ooooooooh this one was bloody good fun!!!! As most of you already know, I love a bit of everything, illustration, design, animation, flash, the lot and this wonderful project encompassed just about everything!!!


Rabid Rabbit

It’s been a good month since I last posted some new ‘commercial’ work as everything is in production right now, so to keep the site updated and keep my regulars entertained, I’ve been playing in my sketch pad on pretty much daily basis...and here’s the latest incarnation...the Rabid Rabbit.


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