Client: 3D Total

Project: 3D Total Redesign

Project specifics:
  • Website Redesign

Client location: UK


3D Total

The brief:

I’ve been visiting 3D Total daily now for about a decade...that’s quite some when I heard that the guys were looking to redesign, I dropped them a line. As the site has been my core source of inspiration for the past 10 years, I thought it was time to give something back and offer them my services for free. The brief was pretty complex on this job as the site is so monumentally huge, and there are so many elements to take into account. But in short, we needed to keep what worked, improve what didn’t and make it look a whole lot fresher.

The solution:

This project held a huge amount of personal pride for me, as I wanted Tom and the many other 3D Total staff to get a site that kicked as much ass as the content they’d inspired me with over the years. No easy task on such a content heavy site. The biggest advantage I had here was that I was one of their core users. With that in mind I set to work. Surprisingly we struck gold on the first design and with a few minor tweaks we got it just right. I continued to help out on a small selection of the subpages and then left the guys to take it from there. What made this so rewarding wasn’t just that the 3D Total team loved it, but the fact that after the launch, the feedback from the users was overwhelmingly positive! Out of 100 survey results, only 1 wasn’t 100% glowing. Fantastic. Oh, and the crew at 3D Total were kind enough to surprise me with a wonderful thank you in the way of a library’s worth of beeeeautiful art books...and I do mean a library’s worth! Thanks 3D Total, keep doing what you do so well!



Interwave Studios

Sweet, this was a killer project! The company site for Interwave Studios, makers of the upcoming X360 FPS, Nuclear Dawn.


Fiery Paths

This shot was a tough one, I took roughly 40 shots from just about every angle I could find through a hotel window overlooking London. From here it was a case of trying to stitch the images together.


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