Client: Villain

Project: Archetype Website

Project specifics:
  • Homepage Design
  • Profile Page Design
  • Touch Arcade Skin

Client location: USA



The brief:

The brief for the Archetype site was actually surprisingly tough! Instead of the usual all guns blazing visual explosion you’d normally expect from a game site, the core point of focus for this design had to be player stats! Something which at first glance isn’t seemingly visually exciting...but I was determined to make it so! The Villain team wanted the Archetype site to be a hub for the players, rich in every stat known to man, allowing the players to get fired about their global ranking and see how far they’ve got with the achievements and un-lockables.

The solution:

I’d been yearning to do the site for an FPS for ages now, so when the guys at Villain asked if I’d be interested in doing the site for the highly acclaimed, iPhone FPS hit, Archetype, I jumped at the chance! First off, the 3D assets that I was supplied with, were little short of inspiring! But these assets were for the characters and weapons only, so I had to work them up into a rich, atmospheric scene that could set the tone for the site, and most importantly, portray the feeling of the game. With the background set, lit and tonally balanced, it was time to set to work on making these stats come to life. Overall this was an ace project for an ace iPhone game! Go grab a copy and get some FPS iPhone action!



English Electric (BAC) Lightning

My love and fascination of all things that fly carries on with this photographic experiment. I was taking a walk around the Manchester Air Museum with the sole goal of finding some interesting shots of some of favourite old school fighters. Say hello to Mr.Lightning!


Fiery Paths

This shot was a tough one, I took roughly 40 shots from just about every angle I could find through a hotel window overlooking London. From here it was a case of trying to stitch the images together.


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