Client: Creaky Corpse

Project: Dead Frontier

Project specifics:
  • Game Branding
  • Website Design
Awards won:

Client location: UK


Dead Frontier

The brief:

I’d been wanting to sink my teeth into a good zombie game website for aaaaaages, so when Creaky Corpse got in touch about the epic Dead Frontier project, my eyes lit up!! The brief was about as perfect as could be too! I was tasked with taking their already established action/MMO game and giving it a complete brand and site overhaul, where the core goal was to make it look as dark, nasty and generally scary as possible while at the same time turning as many site visitors as possible into players. Awesome!

The solution:

As I’d been wanting to play with a zombie themed project for what seems like forever, I threw a lot of time at this baby. We started out working on the brand, and it was obvious from the outset that this had to be heavily influenced by all the blood thirsty zombie flicks from the past couple of decades. So I set to work doing my usual research, collating ideas and references. With everything in hand I set to work on the logo. I decided to bring in 3 core elements to make this reek of zombies. The ragged font effect, a classic zombie arm tearing up from the ground and then the symbolic opposite of the zombie, the crucifix. I’m not normally keen on so many elements to one logo, but in this case it just seemed to work. Needless to say, it went down well :) Moving onto the design was a smooth process, as while working on the brand I also worked up the overall brand feeling with some associated texture/lighting examples, so it was simply a case of following this through. The main hinged panels were made up from numerous textures and the goal was to create a dark enclosed environment with an overall feel of foreboding, like life was near its end, the world had been torn to shreds and hordes of the un-dead were knocking at the door. This was a bloody awesome project! Thanks Creaky Corpse for looking my way :)



Data Realms – Cortex Command

Well, what can I say? Actually, I know what I can say, three words should cover it...Dream...Come...True!! This is pretty much my ideal project.

Hammer and Chisel

The Hammer & Chisel project had awesome written all over it, dark, rich and oozing with atmosphere...perfect!


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