Client: Positech Games

Project: Democracy 3

Project specifics:
  • Branding
  • Site Design
  • In Game UI

Client location: UK


Democracy 3

The brief:

As Democracy 3 is 99.9% UI driven, Positech invited me to creatively direct the look and feel for this soon to be released sequel. The brief was to create a look that would aid the usability of such a text and graph heavy game.

The solution:

We soon realised that 'clean' was the only direction to go, as an open, bright and welcoming creative execution would suit the content perfectly. With the UI and brand nailed down (that will be showcased once the game is released) we utilised the new look on the one page promo site. Again, the site had to accommodate a lot of text so a clean design was key to its success.



Wheelie – The 2 Wheeled Robot

Just warming up the old 3D skills ready for a rather bloody exciting new game I'm going to be working on in the new year! This little fella was designed more as an experiment in texture and light than anything else.

Hammer and Chisel

The Hammer & Chisel project had awesome written all over it, dark, rich and oozing with atmosphere...perfect!


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