Client: Cascadia Games

Project: Dr Cavor

Project specifics:
  • Website Design
  • Character & Scene Illustration
  • Branding

Client location: USA


Dr Cavor

The brief:

The brief was both simple and challenging. I had to take the pixel world of Dr.Cavor and create a fully illustrated, HD website design that echoed the feel of the game. The main visual feature that Cascadia wanted here was to set the site within Dr.Cavor's home/lab. This was going to require a lot of illustration...perfect!

The solution:

Illustrating the whole site was a must, every element needed that hand drawn feel to really bring the site alive. Taking Dr.Cavor from pixels to HD vectors was also a great challenge and the end result came out really well! Its been a while since I've cartoon illustrated a site like this so it was really refreshing to work on! Go take a peek, and if you haven't already, make sure you grab at least one of the games, they are simply brilliant, and some of the best platform puzzle games of all time in my humble opinion!



The Hard Boiled Baddies

These are the original concept illustrations for my Hard Boiled Baddies that I created last year. I was looking through some old files and found these, so I just thought I’d add them as they are a good indication of how the idea progressed.


Mini Turbo Action Kids

This was an excellent pitch allowing me to explore some new ideas in 3D Studio Max. I had been chomping at the bit to amalgamate my cartoon illustration and 3D skills into one visually exciting project...and this was it.


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