Client: Game Doctors

Project: Game Doctors Website & Brand

Project specifics:
  • Website Re-Design
  • Branding

Client location: Germany


Game Doctors

The brief:

When the Hoechsmann brothers got in touch about their re-branding and site redesign, I got somewhat excited! As let face it, we’ve all heard and enjoyed their AppStore hit Zombie Smash! As with all projects like this, it was imperative that we tackled the brand first off, and as the guys have a great story behind their name, it was looking like being a fun brand to create. And once the brand had been completed, we needed to expand this into the site design and bring together the entire Game Doctors new brand experience.

The solution:

With the founders being rather clever chaps and being qualified doctors, it was blindingly obvious that this had to be portrayed through the brand, as let's face it, it was a great angle that few others could really use. This was going to be fun! It was settled on that the double helix would form the core of the brand symbology and I set to work on creating a lively, fun and playful helix inspired creation. The brand came together very, very naturally, and we had soon settled on the final design and were geared up ready for the website. Now, as the Game Doctors have got a rather beautiful and rather awesome game out already, Zombie Smash, we had plenty of material to work with to flesh out the new design. All in all, the brand and site came together organically, and we all had a great time bringing the vision to life. If you haven’t indulged in a little zombie smashing I suggest making your way over to the site and grabbing a copy of the game. Its ace!


Kingdom Rush

Well, I think just about everyone on planet earth knows about Kingdom Rush, so when I got invited to design their family of sites, I got just a little bit giddy!


Super fun microsite for super large screens! This microsite was for Villains new iOS title, Matchlings!


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