Client: Positech Games

Project: Gratuitous Tank Battles

Project specifics:
  • Branding
  • Homepage Design
  • UI Concept Art
  • Matte Painting

Client location: UK


Gratuitous Tank Battles

The brief:

I was tasked with quite a few elements for this game, which initially started out with the branding. The game is set in the future, but in a world where WW1 is still raging. As the name suggests, tanks play a major role in this game, so the branding had to incorporate elements to reflect all of the above. Adding to this I was also tasked with creating a kick ass matte painting for the title screen using a collection of tank and mech renders, followed by some UI concept work and the website homepage...ooooh yes!

The solution:

It was actually quite tough to begin with as I was challenged with creating a look that felt both futuristic and also anchored in WW1...tough, but damn fun! We didn't want the game to feel steam punk themed as this is was obvious visual solution, so a war-torn, bulky and very mechanical feel was settled on. Too much fun. Following this I had to create a mammoth title screen image using a collection of mech and tank renders. I do a lot of this kind of work for websites (the big backgrounds you see in most of my games sites) so it was a nice change to create this for a game's title screen. It was a huge undertaking but the final result came out really well. Finally the main game UI and website design were the last parts of the project and equally as enjoyable too. As I'd already created a stylistically strong identity/atmosphere, the site came together naturally. How I loved this project!!!!!



Hydra Games

This was project number 2 for the guys over at Hydra Games. This time it was for their developer site, their platform to launch their all new ‘Chivalric Warfare’.

Project Galaxia

This was an epic project! Branding and interface design for a new futuristic iPhone SciFi MMORPG! As most of you know, I love sci-fi so this was going to rock!!


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