Client: Hammer & Chisel

Project: Hammer & Chisel

Project specifics:
  • Branding
  • Website Design

Client location: USA


Hammer and Chisel

The brief:

The Hammer & Chisel project had awesome written all over it, dark, rich and oozing with atmosphere...perfect! I had been tasked with not only the site design, but also the brand design, something which turned out to be a truly superb project!

The solution:

As the site was initially only intended to be informational, the design had to be clean enough to make the content easy to read. Using the new art direction that we had laid down with the branding, the teaser site soon came together as intended. Keep an eye on these guys, they've got some sexy stuff in the oven!


Farming Simulator

As far as real world simulators go, the Farming Simulator series must be the most well known, so when Giants Software got in touch I was rather excited about working on the new site!


Stenches, that’s right, you heard it correctly, Stenches, the rotten, zombie infested follow up to the MASSIVE AppStore hit, Trenches! Man this game was the coolest!


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