Client: Kasotc

Project: Kasotc Website

Project specifics:
  • Website Design
  • Matte Painting


The brief:

This was something rather different! This was a website concept for a special forces training centre out in the Middle East! The client wanted to inject a movie like feel to this concept which sounded like a lot of fun!

The solution:

The huge collection of HD photography that I'd been given was superb, but as it was mainly reference based from shots taken during training exercises, none of it was particularly 'movie like', so I had a big job on my hands. After lots of cutting cropping, toning, effects and a little matte painting, the final design was complete and boy was it fun to create!


Eyeball Invaders

Eyeball Invaders was a fun little side project that I worked on back in 2008 for Fishing Cactus which is now on Steam Greenlight!

Forest Creatures

This was just one of those oddball ideas I had, no particular purpose, no particular point, just little cutesy forest creatures :)


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