Client: Elastic Games

Project: Last Year Website

Project specifics:
  • Website Design

Client location: USA

Last Year

The brief:

I was tasked with creating a design that embodied the feeling of 80's horror movies and at the same time told the viewer all about this fantastic looking new game!

The solution:

Being a big horror movie fan this was going to be fun! The whole 80's horror theme was just a blast to work with. The artwork I was supplied with was great too and gave me loads of scope to create something special. Dark, moody and most of all BLOODY! I loved creating this!


Mac Format 223

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, I couldn't believe just how much exposure my 'iPad created' Dinosaur character got! This time it was Mac Format!

Analogue Interactive

Being a hardcore arcade & retro gamer, I already knew about Analogue Interactive way before they got in touch, so I was rather excited to talk about this project!


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