Client: 3000AD

Project: Line of Defence Website

Project specifics:
  • Website Design

Client location: USA


Line of Defence

The brief:

When the guys at 3000AD got in touch showing off their new game, Line of Defence, it instantly caught my eye as a project I’d love to be part of! I love just about anything futuristic/sci-fi, especially when there’s mechs, guns and robots involved :) The brief was simple, make a new kick ass website to showcase this epic new game!

The solution:

I spent some time upfront with 3000AD to prepare the ideal assets to make the most of the site, and what they sent me didn’t disappoint! I was lavished with loads of hi quality renders giving me endless possibilities for the new design. As I do with all my sites, I spend A LOT of time creating the main scene, which is essentially matte painted to a large degree. I bring together all the assets I want to use, choose an environment render and start to work on creating a killer scene. I generally spend about a day creating the main scene, adding in depth, lighting, extra texture and fine tuning the composition. With that done, it sets the tone for the whole site. And as my company name states, everything is fully illustrated, the main nav, and site elements all get a lot of hand painted details. With the main scene complete the page content flowed together naturally and it was signed off almost immediately :) The rest of site was a joy to work on too as each page just seemed to slot together perfectly. Truly marvellous project!!!! I’m looking forward to working with 3000AD again!



Stone Skipper

What a cool project! This my first iPhone game project where I was asked to create the in game art, awesome! And to go with it, it needed, branding, interface and web work!

Wheel of Allods

I couldn’t believe my luck when the guys at Two PI Team got in touch about the Wheel of Allods project as it sounded all too cool!!


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