Client: Hemisphere Games

Project: OSMOS Microsite

Project specifics:
  • Branding
  • Site Design

Client location: US



The brief:

OSMOS has been around for some time, but the team at Hemisphere wanted to give the game a whole new look, just for the fun of it! The brief was very open and I was asked to create something very special for a game that meant a great deal to them.

The solution:

In short OSMOS is a truly beautiful game, but what OSMOS does that most other games don't, it give you a truly unique experience that stays with you. It was the essence of this experience that was key to me and I wanted to create a design that dropped the user deep into the OSMOS environment. Using many levels of parallax the user is submerged into a world that is identical to the game. This site was just a joy to create and the end result is one that I was very, very proud of.


3D Total

I’ve been visiting 3D Total daily now for about a decade...that’s quite some when I heard that the guys were looking to redesign, I dropped them a line.

Red Marble Games

Red Marble Games required a complete character branding overhaul, which had to stay true to their old brand but take on a fresh new look.


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