Client: Codxp

Project: Project Galaxia - iPhone App Design

Project specifics:
  • App Branding
  • iPhone Game/Interface Design

Client location: USA


Project Galaxia

The brief:

The brief couldn’t have been better, and I mean that! When I was told about the back story to the game, and that it was going to be set in space, in a SciFi universe, I almost immediately knew how this had to look, my vision popped into mind within seconds! Creating interfaces and HUD’s for games is pretty much my favourite type of work these days, especially for iPhone games, there’s something really fun about designing for this cool little device!

The solution:

I soon set to work on the branding and homescreen interface, trying create that classic futuristic yet battered and aged effect, something to show that this wasn’t ‘shiny scifi’ but gritty scifi! So there were lots of 45 degree angles, glowing lights, aged metals, you name it...I was in heaven! While I didn’t design every screen within the app, I did design the majority, and each one was a real challenge. Trying to fit all the features that you would normally have spread over a large computer monitor into the small 320x480 iPhone screen space was epically challenging, but boy was it fun! I love a good challenge. Needless to say, the project came together really well and was very warmly received by Codxp. I wish them lots of luck with the project!



Black Jacket Studios

I know that me sounding off saying ‘Oh my god, I loved this project’ is starting be a rather regular thing, so sorry to say it again, but this was a storming project to have been involved with!



One of the most fun projects I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Trenches was a gargantuan and totally awesome project!


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