Client: A Bit of Code

Project: Character Illustration

Project specifics:
  • Character Illustration
  • Environment Illustration
  • Branding
  • Homepage Design

Client location: UK


A Bit of Code

The brief:

A Bit of Code is the online face of talented multimedia developer Christopher Wilson. As A Bit of Code is situated in the breathtaking hills of the Peak District, rather than in the dark, dreary confines of an inner city, this character branding exercise had to be a little bit different...something more in tune with the companies love for all things nature.

The solution:

While sat down brainstorming over a cup of coffee and some fresh home made jam filled sponge cake, Chris mentioned a story about when he looked up from his desk one day to see a cow starring directly at him through the window of his office. Hmmm, cows you say. It got me thinking. Before this we had been talking about the usual coder symbology, like code, and more specifically, binary! So there it was, the craziest and most off the wall solution you could imagine...Binary cows! What more should I say, its different, fun, playful and really grasps the feel of the company, perfect.



Battle Blasters

This was another cool little iPhone games site, only this time, it was for the guys over at Little Guy Games, for their all new, and totally awesome, Battle Blasters!


Trubary Woods – Photoshoot 5

Another great day down at Turbary. We had a great display this week as just about every flying bird was out, the Kite, Peregrine, Steppe name it, they were all out. Superb!


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