Client: Cascadia Games

Project: Dr Cavor

Project specifics:
  • Character Illustration
  • Website Design
  • Brand Design

Client location: USA


Dr Cavor

After being a long standing fan of the Dr.Cavor series I was so excited when I got asked to create the HD promo illustration to promote the games and upcoming website! Ever since the C64 days I'd dreamed of taking an in-game pixel character and creating a full commercial promo illustration from it, just as the old box art illustrators used to do. So being asked to do this for Dr.Cavor was dream job. Taking that tiny pixel character and creating a faithful HD vector version was a fantastic challenge. I'd love to do more pixel to vector illustrations!


Democracy 3

I was invited to design the brand, site and UI for Democracy 3 which sounded like a great project to be part of!



YEY, website number two for the guys over at Klei Entertainment, and this time it was for the dev blog of their new game, Shank! Once again I got to work with the amazing artwork of Jeff Agala!


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