Client: Original Mobile First Games Company

Project: Lightmark App

Project specifics:
  • UI Design
  • Branding

Client location: USA



The brief:

This was a superb UI project! Lightmark is a 3D benchmark app to test out the power of your device, so the visuals I got to work with were breathtaking! The brief was to create a clean, slick UI that would sit naturally against the intense and highly complex visuals of the benchmark test.

The solution:

I wanted to inject a strong sci-fi angle in this design to compliment the engine graphics but not one that would detract or clash with the complexity of the art, so a fine balance was struck between technical, futuristic and clean. The end result was one I was really, really pleased with. If you've got a high end Android device, set this baby to work, it'll push that graphics processor to it limits!



The Palms Hotel

Oh yeah, now this was great, a big glossy casino in Vegas, I mean come on, it doesn't get a whole lot cooler than that! This place is all about partying, glitz, Playboy Bunnies, money and bright lights.

Project Galaxia

This was an epic project! Branding and interface design for a new futuristic iPhone SciFi MMORPG! As most of you know, I love sci-fi so this was going to rock!!


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